Will iPad Change How We Use Computers Tomorrow?

When I posted a link to an article about Apple’s new iPad on my Facebook page, the first comment I got was from my Mexican friend, Armando Rangel. He commented, “Esta bonito el ipodtote.” When a Mexican adds “-ote” or “tote” to a word it usually means the superlative or a bigger version of the root word. What Armando meant was that the new iPad is a bigger version of the iPod/iPhone. I think, in essence, that my friend is right.

The iPad is ready to run nearly all the 150,000 applications (or apps, for short) that have been created for the iPhone over the past two years. I am sure thousands more apps have been developed now for iPad. Isn’t it great? I mean if you love your iPhone, surely you’ll love this iPad too!

“(The) iPad will change the way you use computers, read books and watch TV- as long as you’re willing to do it the Steve Jobs way.”  – Daniel Lyons, Newsweek April 2010 Issue

Apple’s new iPad

So what’s the buzz about the recently released iPad?  

  • Keyboard – iPad is a type of portable device without the external keyboard.  For example, laptops have external keyboards.  Similar to the iPhone, it has a touch screen.  So imagine having a keyboard on the screen but you can’t feel the keys.
  • Price – The price of an iPad depends on the memory storage capacity. It ranges from $499 to $829.
  • Media – Most of what you will do with the iPad is what you are already doing with your iPhone. If you are reading books using your iPhone, don’t you get eye strain? iPad is designed for common media – books, websites and videos, etc.
  • Versus Kindle – iPad so much better than Kindle with it comes to look and feel and sleek page-flicking animations. If you like reading in the beach and poolside, you might consider keeping your Kindle. The black and white e-ink stands out nicely when you are reading in the sun.
  • Office – As I mentioned earlier, the iPad will support the same apps you currently use with your iPhone. Apple has also developed apps for Office that can create presentations, documents and spreadsheets.
  • Simplicity – If you know someone who is not ready to use a complicated computer (probably because they are beginners in using computers), maybe an iPad is a good start. The iPad is easier to use.
  • Versus your computer – For most people, the question is: will the iPad replace laptop and personal computers?  It depends on what you use your computer for. If you use your computer for work – such as creating things (for example, documents and designs) and run enterprise applications, then forget it.

I am sure that just like me, you have seen all the reviews and commercials about the iPad. However, there are some things you need to know about this new product before you decide to buy it. Check out this article from CNN if you want to learn more about Apple’s iPad: “Before you buy: 12 things to know about the iPad”.

Apple’s Innovation

Shortly after Steve Job’s first presentation about the new iPad last January, Roberto Verganti wrote about Apple’s innovation process in his article, “Apple’s Secret? It Tells Us What We Should Love”. He wrote, “The iPad Apple has not provided an answer to market needs. It has made a proposal about what could fit us and what we could love. It’s now up to us to answer whether we agree.”

Steve Jobs is a master of creating a signature customer experience. He steered Apple to deliver products that create new “meaning” to customers. This is the reason why Apple is not afraid to propose radical innovations. They are convinced that the product they create is the one that we should love. This is not like user-centered innovation where what you carry out mostly is what the consumers or market demand. This is perfect for incremental innovation, not for Apple. Steve Jobs is persistently creating innovative products that have changed our ideas about how things should work. Will the iPad change how we use computers tomorrow? Your guess is as good as mine.

Photo courtesy of Apple.com

5 thoughts on “Will iPad Change How We Use Computers Tomorrow?

  1. I agree with the comment that the iPad will be whatever we the users want it to be. Personally, I decided to wait on buying it until I see the full value that this hardware may provide: other than the typical iPhone functionality, what else can this gadget do for me?

    I think the answer lies in the innovation and creativity of app developers. Let’s wait and see…

  2. Buying IPAD now should be done with caution. User has to consider both the Pros and Con. It is a great multi-media device and awesome for entertainment but when it comes to document processing and overall office function it is a little bleak. Right now it is causing a lot of buzz but customer should be weary not to jump into it just yet. Letting it settle, waiting for 2.0 version could be the most intelligent choice.

    1. I agree Rye. Actually I have tried the iPad in stores several times. I think it’s good but I am not sure for what I will use it for if I decide to buy one. I have my blackberry and laptop, I prefer reading books in (paper) printed media. So maybe I’ll have to wait what iPad 2.0 will bring. As what Ivy mentioned in her comment- “the buzz about the iPad is mostly what it could be and not necessarity what it is now”.

  3. Well, I guess we have to wait and see, how this machine will really change us. The way we look at computers. Our society. Our lifestyle.

    Yes, it is a bigger version of the iPhone. But it will certainly be a more powerful tool simply because of its size. It is big enough for a full keyboard and small enough to maintain mobility. Its a fusion of machines that society generally found useful and amusing ( the iPhone, the Kindle, a tablet computer. )

    I’m not thinking of buying one soon. But if my laptop breaks down, the iPad is definitely a top choice for a replacement. 😉

    1. That’s a very smart observation, Mon. Personally, I think all the buzz about the iPad is mostly what it could be and not necessarily what it is now.

      There is so much potential for the iPad. Maybe someday it will replace our laptops. But right now, these iPads are too expensive for the features they provide. If it is basically a huge version of my iPhone, I’d rather wait for iPad 2.0.

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